Terrible plague is spreading in the village of Hazelwike, villagers either ran or are slowly withering away.

Fortunately, there is a hero! Hector, the Apothecary, who is just a step away from finding the cure! Help him harvest herbs, fend off enemies and save Hazelwike!

How to play: Equip your mighty hero Hector with items from shop and embark on adventure. Explore the forest, level up your character and dont forgot to collect all nescessary herbs to save the world!

Note: When you level up there are small buttons next to the stats, you need to click one of the buttons to add stats and continue in playing the game

Controls: Mouse


Hector the Apothecary.zip 29 MB


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Really amazing! Loved playing the game!!

Really cool! Love the art and ui

What a game! Didn't want it to end