Q, W, E - change block
X - delete block
LMB - place block
RMB - rotate block
F, S - dialog keys
Hold R - restart game

Do you ever just want to go home? Well this weird two legged kitty sure wants to.

He actually wants to go home so badly he's willing to ask YOU for help. All you have to do is build him a stairway of sorts using the convenient blocks conveniently prepared for you. Not suspicious at all. No sir. 

But be careful! There's fall damage and it's very much lethal. Make the weird two legged kitty fall five or more blocks down and he's dead. DEAD!

GameJam team: 

Daxic - gamedesign, enviroment

Carko - programmer

Tollona - animator, graphic designer

JakeSanabria - music, SFX


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What the heck are the rules for placing blocks?!